Saturday, 15 August 2015

Reggae on the Rocks - Live in Nottingham 2 August 2015

Not so long ago I got the chance to see a live show by Nottinghams` Reggae on the Rocks, a band I`ve wanted to see for some time.

Along with a number of other bands, they were appearing at an event to publicise/raise funds for Maggie`s, a cancer-related cause based at Nottingham City Hospital ( ).

ROTR played a short set made up of covers of classic reggae tunes, starting with the Abyssinians` Satta Massagana and ending with the Psalms` Joy in the Morning, two personal favourites of mine. You`ll readily see that they`re not afraid of a challenge as only a band who were very sure of themselves would attempt these two.

Other artists` whose tunes were covered include John Holt, Toots and the Maytals and, rather surprisingly, Jesse J (a reggae re-working of the chart hit `Price Tag` which worked well ). 

This was an early afternoon appearance and I gather the band had played live the previous night before making a lengthy journey home. Under the circumstances they could have been forgiven the odd slip but in fact they never faltered and the musicianship was impeccable throughout.

To their credit, the band was well-received by an audience that (I suspect) was largely unfamiliar with their material. Much of the credit for this is down to the communication skills of singer Luke, the ideal front man for this type of show.

The band give the impression they see themselves as ambassadors - for reggae, for Nottingham and, on this occasion, for the Maggies charity. In that respect they were entirely successful.

ROTR can be found here ;


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