Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Gloria Morgan - Kinmers Lea - Callie-Co Books - Nottinghamshire - 2008

Gloria Morgan`s book Kinmers Lea takes it`s title from the original name of Kimberley, the North Notts town in which I believe London-born Ms Morgan now makes her home.

Kinmers Lea tells the story of Edwin, "an ordinary 12-year old boy", and his new-found ally, his Gran , said to be "ninety, fit as a fiddle and sharp as an arrow".

Read the book to learn how this unlikely pair become embroiled in events which combine the Battle of Hastings, an audacious kidnapping plot and a wild ride to Nottingham Castle - a century before the days of Robin Hood.

Copies of this fascinating children`s book can be found at numbers 3068, 3261 and 4205 in our listings, with 3261 and 4205 being copies signed by the author. Use the `Buy Books` links provided for further details and/or to place an order, or if you prefer you can deal with us direct by e-mailing us at , provided you`re able to pay by Paypal.

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