Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Pseudonymous Mr Holmes

From American jazz guitarists of the 1920s, we naturally turn our attention to a former factory worker from Derbyshire.

We`ve mentioned the works of B J Holmes, and his habit of using a number of pseudonyms, before.

I like to support local talent, and as it happens I have a copy of his `publication backlist` in front of me.

It provides a comprehensive guide to his works to date, including western novels, reference books (he`s penned 5 books on the art of solving crosswords), short western fiction in Norwegian (I`m not making this up !), broadcast projects ( these seem to be plays and short stories, a variety of genres including crime, science fiction and horror), research papers etc (economics and accounting) and miscellaneous publications (book reviews and a wonderfully-titled article `Cowboys and Elephants` for ME Essential, journal of the ME Association).

It also provides what I take to be a comprehensive guide to his many aliases - Ethan Wall, Charles Langley Hayes, Jack Darby, Sean Kennedy and J William Allen.

The list appears to be tolerably up-to-date - it includes details of two titles not yet published at the time it was compiled, The Treasure of Santa Maria and Savidge.

Ultimately, I hope he will one day combine all his interests by writing a book about a cowboy accountant who enjoys doing crosswords and solving mysteries (and possibly has a pet elephant) !

Until that time, if anyone would like to see a copy of the list, I`ll gladly provide one - just contact me at  and I`ll gladly e-mail it to you (please mark your message `F.A.O. Nick` in the header. Cheers.) .