Sunday, 14 October 2012

Quotation Station ; Mr Pankhurst`s Enthusiasms

"Life is nothing without enthusiasms !"

Richard Marsden Pankhurst (1834 - 1898)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

More Happy Reading From Hoonaloon !

Funny how many writers from the Midlands have contemplated crime at some point. John Harvey, Keith Wright, Berlie Doherty, David Bell and many others have all all at one time or another turned their pens towards crime, whether fictional or otherwise.

Joining their ranks is W W Morgan, a promising youngster from Nottingham with three novels to his name to date. A copy of his latest work, The Assassin`s Wedding, can be found at 5352 in our listings.

An interview with Mr M can be found here ; .

I don`t know if any of the contributors to The Adaptation of Change have ever entertained any murderous impulses, literary or otherwise. On the other hand, if your interests run to the History of Leicester/shire in the 19th century, their book is just the thing for you.

Copies can be found at 5094 and 5382 in our listings.

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Happy reading and don`t forget - Respect the Book !