Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Musical Interludes : The Holmes Brothers

In the interests of variety, I`ve decided to punctuate this blog with a number of short `musical interludes` .

Where better to start than with the news that one of my favourite live acts, The Holmes Brothers, have recently returned to recording and performing, after a substantial break caused by the health problems of one member.

Essentially a gospel-influenced blues band, the brothers have  eclectic musical  leanings  and live sets I`ve caught have featured covers of rock `n` roll classics, and tunes by the O Jays and Tom Waits in addition to their own material.

I have their CD Speaking in Tongues and I`d have to say that for me personally I feel they work better as a live act. However, that may just be the way I`m made.

Anyway, I`ve waffled on too much already. Visit these Holmes dudes at http://www.theholmesbrothers.com/ or see behind the scenes footage of recording sessions on You Tube.

Derbyshire Life and Wildlife

Three recent additions to our stock, each with a fairly obvious Derbyshire connection.

At 3839 and 3840 we have two  Ilkeston and District Local History Society publications ; `Ilkeston in the Thirties` (see previous posting) and  `Edwardian Ilkeston` - we are offering both at knock-down prices since you can still buy new copies direct from IDLHS.

At 3841 we have `Wildlife in Derbyshire` by author Jean Woolley and photographer Stuart Whitehead. Our copy is signed by the author on the title page.

For full details of these three and many other titles with a local slant, check our listings using the links provided. Thanks.

Ilkeston in the Thirties : Manners Road Mines Rescue Station

Pictured here are the rescue team based at the Mines Rescue Station, Manners Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire circa 1931.

The station existed from 1916 - 1988 when the building became a nursing home. 

Mines rescue workers werre understandably regarded as local heroes. One man who was based at Manners Road was Philip Healey (1928 - 2000), who worked there 1954 - 1971. A website, originally dedicated to Philip and other mines recue workers and run by his son, can be found at www.healeyhero.co.uk and has now developed into a site deicated to the history of coal mining in the Notts/Derbyshire area generally. Particularly interesting is www.healeyhero.co.uk/rescue/menu/station.htm#top .

This picture comes from `Ilkeston in the Thirties`, a publication produced by Ilkestion and District Local History Society. The booklet is still in print and new copies can be acquired from http://www.ilkestonhistory.org.uk/  . Our copy is at 3839 in our listings and costs £1.95 plus postage. As it is a light, thin booklet, postage should be relatively cheap.

As mentioned previously, we stock a number of titles relating to the history of the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire are and to the history of coal mining - check out our listings using the links provided.