Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Musical Interludes : The Holmes Brothers

In the interests of variety, I`ve decided to punctuate this blog with a number of short `musical interludes` .

Where better to start than with the news that one of my favourite live acts, The Holmes Brothers, have recently returned to recording and performing, after a substantial break caused by the health problems of one member.

Essentially a gospel-influenced blues band, the brothers have  eclectic musical  leanings  and live sets I`ve caught have featured covers of rock `n` roll classics, and tunes by the O Jays and Tom Waits in addition to their own material.

I have their CD Speaking in Tongues and I`d have to say that for me personally I feel they work better as a live act. However, that may just be the way I`m made.

Anyway, I`ve waffled on too much already. Visit these Holmes dudes at http://www.theholmesbrothers.com/ or see behind the scenes footage of recording sessions on You Tube.

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