Friday, 15 January 2010

Mr Peckham`s Pit Pony Petition

Visiting the Healey Hero website ( recently, I was surprised to see a new entry,  a petition from Roy Peckham, proprietor of a Pony Sanctuary/Visitor Centre in Wales concerning the treatment of pit ponies.

 I must admit, I had no idea pit ponies were still in use, but apparently Wales is home to a number of small collieries and ponies are still to found working in these. Sadly, they are not always well-treated in return for their labours.

I`m providing a link that gives you access to a report detailing instances of ill-treatment, a petition you can download and circulate if you have a mind to, and a link to the Welsh Assembly allowing you to sign the petition online (closes 31/5/10).

I chose the latter option, should you wish to know, but I thought I`d also add this link to my blog so others can show their support if they wish to.

Here`s the link ;

While you`re there, you might like to look at the rest of Mr Peckham`s site, handy if you`re considering a holiday in Wales.

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