Saturday, 8 May 2010

Snapshot - May 2010

Time for another Snapshot of life in the Notts /Derbys area.


Derbyshire - Erewash - Greensqueeze/Stanton Iron Works -  The developer`s public consultation has been deferred yet again, this time to June 2010.

Nottinghamshire - Grantham Canal / `The Battle for Mann`s Bridge` - A Public Inquiry has taken place on this and other issues. It`s expected the matter will be resolved soon.

Nottinghamshire - Grantham Canal / Proposed Link to River Trent- A scheme to re-open the whole canal and link it to the River Trent was put forward a while ago - an ambitious project which needs funding of £25 million.  A recent consultation over the possible building of  500 houses at Radcliffe on Trent brought forward a proposal that permission could be conditional on the developer providing £2 million towards re-opening a nearby section of the canal.

Nottinghamshire - Rainworth/Rufford/Sherwood Forest - Proposed Incinerator - . The Public Inquiry has been adjourned for five months. Some time after this was announced, it became apparent there had been a misunderstanding and the adjournment was not necessary. However, in view of the difficulties in getting all interested parties together for an earlier date, the adjournment has been left to stand.

Nottinghamshire - Rushcliffe Greenfields - Appears to be ongoing, though with no recent developments.


Derbyshire - Derbyshire Police are investigating the poisoning of buzzards in the area, and are working with the RSPB and Natural England as part of their investigation. During February, two dead buzzards found in Idridgehay, near Belper, were found to have been poisoned. In April, a farmer reported finding four dead buzzards in the Kirk Ireton area near Ashbourne. They were near to the remains of a pheasant, which may have been killed and dosed with poison for the purpose of poisoning birds of prey or other predators/scavengers. I understand tests are being carried out on these. Anyone with any information can contact the Police on 0345 123 3333.

Staffordshire/Derbyshire/Leicestershire - On a happier note, details of the National Forest walking festival are now available. The 12 day festival will take place over areas of East Staffs/South Derbys/Leics from May 22 - June 2. A printed guide can be obtained from The Tourist Information Centre - West Street, Swadlincote - Derbys , The Customer Services Centre -  Market Place -  Burton - Staffs and The Tourist Information Centre - North Street - Ashby - Leics. The Nat Forest web site is at

Nottinghamshire - Gedling. The Ramblers (Nottinghamshire Area) believe Gedling Borough Council have been closing footpaths without consultation for a number of years, and have served notices on them in respect of two named paths as well as serving notices on  the Chief Execs of Nottinghamshire County Council and Gedling Borough Council. Would think this could be a lively dispute, with the possibility of the Ramblers becoming involved at a national level.

Nottinghamshire/Yorkshire - The Ramblers Worksop Group is in talks with Tesco to establish rights to paths that cross the new Tesco site in the area.

North Notts -  A consultation has taken place on a request to open a quarry on land around Two Oaks Farm near Thieves Wood and Normanshill Wood. The Ramblers have indicated they have no special concerns over this as "although no one wants to see the land torn up it has to be said that the impact on the landscape would not be huge" but they do require clarification over routes to be taken by lorries entering and leaving the site and the future of the site after use. Consultation appears to be proceeding amicably and they concede that "the proposals for the new quarry and afterwards look very good and will involve public access which we do not now have". It is unclear if any other groups dissent from this judgement, and whether likely impact on wildlife has been assessed - I would assume it has.

That`s all for now,

Nick O

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