Thursday, 3 June 2010

David Haslam - Nottinghamshire Tales of Mystery and Murder - Countryside Books , 2002 - Book Number 3247

Fascinated by senseless slayings ? Fond of maniacal murderers ? Interested in the history of Nottingham ? Less well known than Steve Jones` Nottingham the Sinister Side, David Haslam`s Nottinghamshire Tales of Mystery and Murder provides you with a sumptuous repast of senseless slaughter including  an explosion, a poignant story, a curious death, a police raid, more than one brutal murder, a couple of ghosts and some mysterious carvings.
 Happy reading !


As ever, use the `Buy Books` links provided for full details - NTOMM is at 3247 in our listings, whilst `Sinister Side` is at 2309.

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