Friday, 7 January 2011

Ironworks Revisited Again

We`ve looked at the issues surrounding the Stanton and Butterley Ironworks before ( A Tale of Two Ironworks, this blog, 6 February 2010 and Ironworks Revisited, this blog, 21 February 2010 ).

Now there`s further news on the fate of the Butterley Ironworks site, a place with a long and unique history (built in 1790) that takes in the Napoleonic Wars, the Pentrich Revolution and the building of  St Pancras Station !

I`ve touched on the underground wharf that allowed raw materials to be delivered by narrowboat, with finished products being lowered down a shaft to be distributed in the same way.

We`ve also looked at the presence of  inspectors on the site after demolition work by the site`s former owners, Coast Properties (a company that has now gone into administration, I understand),  caused complaints.

It now seems that English Heritage are likely to recommend to the minister that the site be
given special protecton as a scheduled ancient monument.

Friends of Cromford Canal (FCC) welcomed the news, commenting that "the wharf is a unique structure in the UK".

English Heritage expect to make their recommendations during February. FCC have indicated that they are "very happy and very hopeful" at that prospect.


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