Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Archaeology and Conservation in Derbyshire 2005

Sarah Cole, Sarah Whiteley (ed.s) - Archaeology and Conservation in Derbyshire 2005 - Derbyshire Archaeology Advisory Committee, 2005

Number 4108 in our listings, this fine local publication contains features on "The Stanlow Excavation, A Victorian Diary With a Difference, Hardwick Park, An Ancient Message in Dronfield" and much more.

It is not yet showing up online, but details should appear within 24 hours - use the `Buy Books` links provided to check it out.

As always, any qustions, just ask.


  1. Hi Nick,
    I am a third year history of art student writing a dissertation about Bess of Hardwick and her architectural commissions as wife and widow and would be really grateful if you knew how I might be able to get hold of a recent copy of Archaeology and conservation in Derbyshire (Issue 10 January 2013). Finding it difficult to track down via internet!
    Polly Atkinson

    1. Hi,

      I`ve only just noticed your message, i will see what i can find out and get back to you.



    2. Hello again,

      Can I suggest you use this link ; http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/environment/conservation/archaeology - I`m sure one of the contacts there could help you. If that fails, you could then either the staff of the Erewash Museum or someone at Ilkeston and District Local History Society might have a contact who could help.

      All the Best,

      Nick O