Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Friends of Walter the Writer

Earlier this month I was happy to hear from Keith Chapman, a past editor of The Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine, who now writes Black Horse Westerns under the name Chap O`Keefe.

Mr Chapman had previously contacted me after reading a review of mine on The Sexton Blake Blog and got in touch to fill in a few gaps in my knowledge of writer Walter Tyrer (see The Cowboy and the Detective, this blog, 14 January 2011).

He has contacted me again  to draw my attention to a review of Rex Hardinge`s The Case of the Frightened Girl which had been posted by Steve Lewis at on 4 January 2012, and to his subsequent online chat withe estimable Mr Lewis in the comments section. Mr C had some interesting comments on Rex Hardinge`s career and on short story writing generally.

Mystery File is often worth a visit, and you can find more about Keith`s current activities at and .  

Someone else who has  contacted me in the past concerning my interest in Sexton Blake generally and Walter Tyrer in particular is Ray Elmitt, who currently lives in a house previously occupied by Walter and his family. 

I  was interested to learn that Ray is the author of  a number of books with another in the pipeline. His works to date are ; The High Street Traders of Hampton Wick 1826 - 2011, A Hampton Wick Timeline ; From Domesday to the Present Day and The Grove ; A Story of a House and Home.

Ray is a member of the local history group of The Hampton Wick Association ( and details of his books can be found at .


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