Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Musical Interlude : Mr Springsteen and Mr Mizrahi

Bruce Springsteen`s current single We Take Care of Our Own has sparked a lively debate among music lovers as to the origin of the distinctive jingly motif or `hook line` as I believe they used to be known.

Some claim the musical phrase concerned first appeared on a track by The Lightning Seeds, others that it it originates with early `80s band A Flock of Seagulls.

Us old folk, however, would direct you to the track Every Boy and Every Girl by Sylvain Sylvain (of New York Dolls fame) from his eponymous first solo album. The songwriting credit for that tune goes to Sylvain (real name Sil Mizrahi), Johnny Rao and Lee Crystal.

No doubt Bruce will be putting a cheque in the post to them !

However that may be, if you like polished-but-lively `50s-influenced rock `n` roll/pop performed with a genuine love of music and with the odd ballad thrown in for good measure, check out the aforementioned Sylvain album, which features a number of excellent originals (one or two dating from the last days of the Dolls, I believe) and a couple of vintage covers, including a particularly good rendition of Clarence `Frogman` Henry`s Ain`t Got No Home.

As I recall, the album caused few ripples at the time, possibly because it didn`t gel with people`s preconceptions of what an album by an ex-New York Doll would sound like. If ever an album was ripe for rediscovery, this is it !

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