Sunday, 4 March 2012

Heart and Sole ; Best Foot Forward in Heanor and Langley

Best Foot Forward : Short Healthy Walks Around Heanor and Langley Mill  is a free booklet currently available through libraries in the area.

The walks are short and designed to take the flattest route possible. Each walk travels along good path surfaces, including pavements and public footpaths.

The interesting thing about these walks is that, while they look attractive and interesting in their own right, because of the locations involved (Heanor Memorial Park, Shipley Country Park, The Nutbrook Trail, The Erewash Canal, Loscoe Dam and the Godkin reclaimed former opencast site), there is scope for walkers adding their own variations to the route as they see fit.

This area can be overlooked by walkers, even by those born and bred in the East Midlands, but is well worth a visit. 

Heart and Sole is what we used to call an `umbrella group` involving seven bodies, the largest  being Amber Valley Borough Council, Derbyshire County Council and Derbyshire County NHS Primary Health Care Trust.   

Anyone outside the area wanting to obtain a copy of the booklet should probably visit the websites of those organisations, or you could try .

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