Monday, 30 April 2012

Return of the Equine Quadrupeds

This blog first encountered Roy Peckham, proprietor of the Fforest Uchaff Horse and Pony Centre and Pit Pony Sanctuary, a couple of years ago (see `Mr Peckham`s Pit Pony Petition`, this blog, 15 Jan 2010).

We`re pleased to hear that Peckham perseveres with his pit ponies and other needy horses.

During June of this year, his micro-charity (number 1002933) will be participating in the Foundation for Social Improvement`s `Small Charity Week` (see

As part of that event, they will be holding a fundraising event at St David`s Centre in Cardiff (probably Tues 12 June) and are also looking for items with a `celebrity` provenance to sell for fundraising purposes as part of an E-Bay/FSI Small Charities Week sale 11 - 15 June 2012.

If you can help, I`m sure they would glad to hear from you - contact them via their website at .

Speaking personally I`ve always been fond of our four footed friends and am very glad to give this interesting charity a bit of a plug.

This is Iggy, one of a number of ponies to benefit from the sanctuary. To learn more about Iggy and a number of other ponies at the centre, click on .

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