Thursday, 17 May 2012

Vampires Visit Yorkshire Coast

Many photographers have taken pictures of the blue Bram Stoker plaque at Whitby, and I`m sure many of them have done it better than me.

That doesn`t matter as I wanted a picture of my own, even if, as happened on this occasion, I was slightly hampered by a sign directly in front of the plaque advertising a flat to let.

This is my third attempt to get a picture of the plaque. On each of the previous occcasions, something went wrong - once a camera went missing, on another the relevant image was missing from the camera on our return. Pretty spooky, yeah ? Well, no I suspect it had more to do with human error than undead forces.

Anyway, Dracula remains a personal favourite of mine. While Bram`s non-Dracula work contains one or two gems I`d have to admit that not everything he wrote was of a uniformly high standard.

But judge for yourself. For Bram completists, the site to visit has to be , but there are other online places of interest and here are just a couple ;

(Indulging in a little lateral thinking for a moment, if you`re keen on literary plaques etc, you might wish to visit Nottingham writer Tony Shaw`s blog at

Returing to vampires and other such matters, can I also take this opportunity to recommend this article ;

Matthew Coniam - Did a Vampire Really Haunt Highgate Cemetery ? No, of Course it Didn`t ! - posted Tues 17 April 2012 at , an article which outlines an odd and rather obscure series of events which took place in Highgate circa 1970 and which provided yours ruly with a great deal of amusement. 


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  1. Thanks for the link - the comments underneath the post have been hotting up lately: worth a look!