Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sherwood Wayfinder Campaign

Somewhat belatedly, we turn our attention to the issue of Nottinghamshire Walker dated Autumn/Winter 2012.

The magazine contains details of the Sherwood Wayfinder Campaign, which incorporates the Sherwood Forest Project and the King`s Clipstone Project.

The campaign aims to promote Sherwood Forest as whole (not just the various attractions located there) as an attraction for visitors and to reclaim what Ramblers President Kate Ashbrook calls "the lost and secret paths in the area."

The project has been spearheaded by Ramblers members Chris Thompson and Stephen Parkhouse and the intention is to "build a partnership ...between all interested parties, whether user groups, environmental groups, businesses, landowners or public bodies."

Mr P  concedes that "a marvellous network of multi-user routes already exists in and around the Forest" but point out that "five times as many people make google searches for the New Forest as Sherwood Forest" with the ratio falling to 40 to 1 for walking, hotels and B&Bs. 

A website has been set up, and our intrepid duo are keen that as many people as possible should visit the site, which is at Anything anyone can do to promote the site, whether by giving it a plug in an article, adding it as a link to a blog, sharing it with others or any of the other things people do will be much appreciated, I am sure.

Relevant articles in the Notts Walker are ;

Chris Thompson - Area Footpaths Secretary`s Report
Stephen Parkhouse - Sherwood Wayfinder Campaign ; Opening Sherwood`s Secret Paths
and additional material provided by Kate Ashbrook* after her visit to the area during October 2012.

I am not sure who you would contact to get a copy of the magazine, but here are some useful sites ;

* Ms Ashbrook has reproduced her comments on her blog, which can be found at . They are headed `Sherwood  Wayfinder Campaign` and were posted 26 Dec 2012.

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