Thursday, 11 April 2013

Another Humanist-Believing in a God is Fine by Me says Jim Al-Khalili

I`ve been thinking about writing a short piece clarifying what `humanism` means to me for some time, but so far I`ve not got round to it.

One particular aspect I wanted to adress is the assumption some make that because one is explicitly not religious, one must automatically be anti-religious, which is not the case for me. After all, how many people define themselves by what they are not ? Not me, that`s for sure.

Anyway, my humble thoughts on the matter are going to wait a while longer, but in the meantime you may wish to ponder a recent article by the British Humanist Association`s Jim Al-Khalili.

Entitled `Believing in a god is fine by me`, Jim`s piece was one of a number of articles submitted by moderately famous folk in response the New Statesman`s question `After God : What Can Atheists Learn From Believers ?`.

The other contributors didn`t really strike a chord with me (I`m not really a New Statesman kind of guy), but I like Jim`s thinking, it`s a fine article and I`m glad he wrote it.

Give it a whirl, you never know what you like until you`ve tried it ;

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