Monday, 6 May 2013

This Month`s Good Cause- May 2013 - Anti Slavery (Anti slavery International)

Having started with the `This Month`s Good Cause` malarkey, I`ve decided to introduce another element, which is that, as much as possible,  the causes chosen will be a mix of national, local and international causes*.

With that in mind, this month`s good cause is Anti Slavery (Anti Slavery International).

Founded in 1839, Anti Slavery, which has been known by a number of different names,  is the world`s oldest international human rights organisation and the only charity in the UK to work solely on the issue of forced labour and related matters.

The group is quite thoughtful in it`s approach - unlike some others it does not normally advocate consumer boycotts, acknowledging that they can under some circumstances make things worse for the vey people the group aims to protect. It does sometimes put pressure on major corporations to clean up their supply chain.

If you`re interested to know more about the group`s work, click here ;

Among it`s other activities, the group annually presents the Anti Slavery Award to groups or individuals that have played a major part in combating modern forms of slavery.

Inevitably, their list of past award winners is a useful introduction to the major campaigning groups in the field worldwide ;

 The group`s American sister organisation is Free The Slaves ( ) , and their award scheme is the Freedom Awards ( ).

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