Sunday, 13 October 2013

This Month`s Good Cause - Friends of Victoria Park, Ilkeston

The other day I was walking through Ilkeston, Derbyshire when it came to my mind that I`d forgotten to update `This Month`s Good Cause` yet again.

A couple of minutes later I noticed a poster advertising the Friends of Victoria Park. As the name implies, this is a historic local park and as it happens one that has happy associations for me.

The `Friends of...` thing is a great tradition that I wholeheartedly approve of - you can be a Friend of West Norwood Cemetery, of Cromford Canal, of numerous museums, theatres, nature reserves and who knows what else. It`s all good.

For these reasons, and because it makes life easy, The Friends of Victoria Park, Ilkeston ( are , somewhat belatedly, This Month`s Good Cause.


The idea behind TMGC was that each moth I would select a good cause that might interest people. I`ve attempted to strike a balance between the national (Brake ; The Road Safety Charity), the local (Friends of Cromford Canal, Derbyshire Blood Bikes) and the international ( Anti Slavery, Commonwealth War Graves Commission).

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