Sunday, 21 February 2010

Ironworks Revisited

Further to A Tale of Two Ironworks (this blog, 6/2/2010), there is further news from  both Butterley and Stanton.

At Butterley, landowners/developers Coast Properties have called a halt to demolition work while Amber Valley Borough Council and English Heritage survey the site. The Friends of Cromford Canal have welcomed this, but point out that only three of the remaining buildings are currently listed, and indicated that they would favour a "sensitive development" that "incorporates the remaining buildings".

At Stanton, French Engineering company Saint Gobain, who own the land, have indicated they no longer plan hold public consultations in March, but have put the proposed date back to May, due to delays in gathering data. The company plan a 4,000 home `super village` and expect to submit a planning application later this year.  

Campaigners have raised various objections as already explained.

A local authority spokeswoman stated that the proposal was only at the early stages of what could be a very long process, but indicated that they would want to see "a mixed-use development, housing and jobs", a key demand of the campaigners.

It may be that the developers hope that a delay will cause the campaign to lose momentum, though that seems unlikely.

Subsequently, the firm have indicated that they plan to stage a public exhbition during June, with a planning application shortly afterwards.

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