Monday, 22 February 2010

Signed Books by Local Authors

I don`t like to use this blog too much to promote our business - we have for that - but, having selflessly promoted books which others are offering for sale in the not-too-distant past, I think it`s only fair we give ourselves a plug now and again !

Here are a couple of signed books by local authors which may be of interest to the reading public and which by happy chance we have in stock. As usual, both are currently in stock but we only have one copy of each.

Findern man Richard Papworth has had a full and varied life, working initially as a Military Police Officer, then transferring to the civilian Police. Leaving the Police, he was a store detective for a time and then joined the Prison Service. He now "enjoys his retirement nurturing his garden and keeps up with the latest sports news along with his dear wife Margaret and their daughter Ellen". Our copy of his autobiography is signed on the title page "Best Wishes, Richard Papworth, June 2002." In addition to the expected black and white photos there are excellent cartoon-style drawings by Jayne Brewster-Beard and a cover drawing by Bill May. 

This book is £4.44 plus postage. See link below for description etc.

Don Shaw became a full-time writer in the `60s and has written for film, stage, TV and radio. A keen walker and marathon runner he has been a patron of the Derby Heritage Development Trust, though I am unsure if that still exists.

His book The Hike is described as "the first travelogue set in the Peak District since Izaak Walton`s Compleat Angler was published in 1653...Bitingly funny in parts, yet unsentimental."

Our copy is signed on the title page by the author.

This book is £9.44 plus postage. See link below for description etc.


As these are recent acquisitions, it may be a day or two before they appear online. Richard Papworth`s book is number  2852 in our listings, and Don Shaw`s is 2853.

You can search for both books using this link ;

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