Saturday, 3 July 2010

Asbestos Again

On 26 June I posted details of National Mesothelioma day and commented on the impact of this asbestos-related disease on the Derbyshire area in particular.

It seems that I`m not the only one to have picked up on this, as an unsigned article headed `More Than One Death a Week in Derbyshire from Exposure to Asbestos Dust` appeared at on 2 July 2010, and was followed by another, `Campaign`s Aims` the following day.

The articles are well worth a read and give up-to-date information on the objectives of the groups involved. Three local MPs have signed up to the campaign, Heather Wheeler (Conservative), Pauline Latham (Conservative) and Margaret Beckett (Labour). The campaign is also supported by the GMB trade union.

As I`ve mentioned before, my own article `Asbestos Awareness and Advocacy - For Chris` appeared 19 April 2010 on a blog named The Graphophone and is intended for the general reader, but also provides links for anyone affected by Mesothelioma and related illnesses.

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