Sunday, 18 July 2010

N S Thompson at Beeston International Poetry Festival

Poet N S Thompson will be among those performing at Beeston International Poetry Festival during October. His appearance will co-incide with the release of his new book, Letter to Auden, which is to be published by Middlesborough-based Smokestack Books.

His new book is said to be, among other things, "a manifesto for metrical craft, epigrammatic wit and dazzling rhymes. It`s a poem, a letter, an anachronism, a parody and a irreverent and original venture into the world of the Audenesque, and a homage to one of the twentieth-century`s greatest poets."

Full details of this affable author`s planned visit to Notts can be obtained from and/or

In the meantime, if you find yourself filled with a longing for literature and/or a passion for poetry, a signed copy of his limited edition `Poems by N S Thompson`, published by the author during a short stay in India during the `70s, can be found at 3358 in our listings.   

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