Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Lads, Lasses and Canine Companions




 2179, 2669, 3017, 3815, 4271

Here are a few more from the stores here at Hoonaloon Books.

At 4260 we have Sgt Eric Walton`s From Hepthorne Lane to Rangoon and Back Again, the story of how a coal miner`s son from Clay Cross came to be present when the Japanese agreed a cease fire in Burma during World War Two.

Narvel Annable`s Lost Lad (4261) is one of a number of mystery novels set in Derbyshire from this Belper-based writer, who is also known for his non-fiction.

Wirksworth Creative Writers present more prose and poetry from the Peaks at number 4268. The local anthologies are often overlooked by potential book buyers. I never know why, as there often a few pearls to be discovered therein that you simply wouldn`t encounter elsewhere.

Lastly, at  2179, 2669, 3017, 3815 and 4271 we have Woolly Jumper by local author/broadcaster Dennis McCarthy and cartoonist Pete Dredge. This true story documents McCarthy`s relationship with his eccentric Irish Water Spaniel. A must for dog lovers everywhere. The copy pictured is number 4271 but all are in comparable condition.

Use the links provided for details of condition, price etc and if you have any questions, don`t hesitate to ask.

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