Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Terry Copeman - Mother`s Son - Maclean DuBois - 1989

In a sense, the story of Leicester man Terry Copeman is very typical of his time and place.

Born in the `20s, he spent the war working down the mines as a `Bevin Boy`, played piano in pubs and dreamed - much to his mother`s dismay - of being a Police Officer. Eventually he went in to engineering and ultimately set up his own small firm.

What is remarkable is that at the age of 24 he discovered by chance that he was adopted and embarked on an epic 26-year search for his natural mother, "building up his business by day, combing telephone directories and electoral rolls by night, pounding pavements and ringing doorbells at weekends and on holidays". In the course of his search he visited the castle home of a Scottish Clan Chief and encountered an Irish-American Policeman who appparently possessed "an uncanny gift for tracing missing people with a divining rod" !

When celebrities and others talk of their "journey" through life, spare a thought for Terry Copeman, an extraordinary man who truly could talk in those terms, but probably never would !

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