Monday, 18 June 2012

Commonwealth Writers

As you may know, this year`s Commonwealth Short Story Prize was won by New Zealand`s Emma Martin for her story Two Girls in a Boat.

The way the Commonwealth Writer`s Prizes* work, is that there are a five regional winners (the regions in question are Africa, Asia, Canada/Europe, The Caribbean and The Pacific) . Of these, one is then selected to be the overall winner.

One imagines Ms Martin must be deeply chuffed to be this year`s overall winner, which is no small achievement.

Those nice people at Granta have put all five of the regional winners online, and they can be viewed here ;

More information on the Commonwealth Writer`s Prizes can be found at ;


 * The 2012 Commonwealth Book Prize was won by Sri Lanka`s Shehan Karunatilaka for Chinaman : The Legend of Pradeep Mathew.

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