Friday, 15 June 2012

Mr Whitehead`s Ghosts

Andrew Whitehead is a journalist, historian and collector, connected with the History Workshop website.

I might never have hear of Mr W except that someone I know had a couple of reviews posted on that site and I decided to check them out.

With one thing and another, I got sidetracked and ended up finding these rather excellent items posted online by this Whitehead chappy, who seems to be a denizen of some place called London ;

The Ghosts of Junction Road - 17 Feb 2012 and

Redfern`s Rubber Mats - 22 May 2012, both at

And also ;

A Tale of Two Shop Signs - 19 Feb 2012 at .

I don`t specially have anything witty or unusual to say about these, but I thought they were so good they were worth sharing.


  1. This chappy is grateful for your endorsement - and pleased that rubber mats still go down so well in the Midlands.

    Mr Whitehead

  2. Yes, indeed.

    The world of floorcoverings, nosings and extrusions is one in which, I would imagine, passion, intrigue, mystery are blended together in one big cocktail of exoticism.

    For many in the Midlands the phrase `Redfern`s Rubber Mats` is symbolic of this heady mixture.