Friday, 29 March 2013

This Month`s Good Cause, April 2013 - Derbyshire Blood Bikes

This month`s good cause is going to have to appear a couple of days ahead of schedule.

Late last year I was fortunate enough to meet two of the volunteer bikers who run Derbyshire Blood Bikes, a charity providing free out-of-hours transportation of blood, organs and medical supplies for hospitals in Derbyshire and elsewhere.

The benefit to the NHS is considerable. As it is not viable for them to directly employ drivers to do the work, before DBB was formed they relied heavily on taxi companies at considerable expense.

Their website is very informative and allows you to see an `Operational Record` detailing the journeys made to date.

Visit their site here ;

Last month`s good cause (March 2013) was Brake ; The Road Safety Charity (

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