Sunday, 8 September 2013

Priestley As He Is Spoke

You may have heard of the book English as She is Spoke, an attempt at a Portugese-English phrase book which, as Wikipedia comments "is regarded as a classic source of unintentional humour."

Mark Twain was a big fan ; "Nobody can add to the absurdity of this book, nobody can imitate it successfully, nobody can hope to produce it`s fellow ; it is perfect."

Stephen Pile was even more enthusiastic ; "Is there anything in conventional English which could equal the vividness of  `to craunch a marmoset`?" 

While EASIS may never be equalled it does at least have a modern equivalent in an article I found online recently which concerned itself with J B Priestley`s An Inspector Calls ;

Who could disagree with this essay`s author when he comments that "The tactics at rootage gives the film of a spy thriller and latishr regain words itself as a morals tale."

The occupation ascribed to the character Arthur Birling, "a wealthy military personnelufacturer",  was almost believeable, given the ridiculous job titles some companies come up with, and there is a certain zing to the observation that the arrival of Priestley`s inspector "disrupts the casual biz."

What makes this piece of critical analysis especially interesting is the fact that it is only a short extract from a larger work which the reader is invited to order. Presumably this is a service offered to students to help with their education.

I wait with interest to hear if anyone has been unwise enough to make use of it..


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