Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Chickens of Leire

The other day I was checking the condition of a second-hand book in the course of my work when I found a folded-up newspaper cutting between the pages.

The cutting had no obvious connection with the book and was presumably just there because it had been used as a bookmark.

Nevertheless, it amused me and I hope it will amuse you.

It is a readers` contribution to the letters page of one of the quality papers (The Telegraph?) and concerns itself with the meetimg of a parochial church council in Leicestershire ;

"After the official business had been dealt with , the meeting was opened to the floor. This prompted a question as to why chickens were allowed to roam all over our cemetery.

The perpetrators belonged to our rector, who explained that he held the freehold and grazing rights. There then followed a boisterous discussion as to whether chickens had grazing rights.

As no satisfasctory conclusion was being reached and we did not wish to anger the Rector, it was decided that a hasty retreat to the pub was called for."

Was the matter ever resolved ? If necessary, I definitely think there should be a cross-party campaign, involving community groups and trade unions, to show solidarity with the chickens. To meet in the pub, naturally.


I did hesitate as to whether to reveal the identity of the sender as I wouldn`t want to intrude on the privacy of individuals. However, under the circumstances I think it`s OK to reveal that the letter was signed by one Aileen Orme of Leire, Leicestershire. If you ever find yourself in Leire, say "hello" to the chickens for me !

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