Wednesday, 21 May 2014

On and Off the Rails

I`m having a long-overdue sort-out of my old photos and today we`re going with a railway theme.
Above are pictures of steam trains at Matlock Town  ( more info from ).
Below are pictures of abandoned railway materials near to Bennerley Viaduct. I see these often and always wonder if some group of railway enthusiasts couldn`t find a use for them. They`re doing no-one any good where they are.
I`ve had a quite look around the web, and unsurprisingly there are a bewildering array of sites catering to rail buffs.
For a useful overview of heritage railway sites, click here ; .
Also useful is .
There are numerous camnpaign groups, including the national campaign Action for Rail ( ) , the  Skipton-based SELRAP   ( ) and The Campaign for Better Tranport ( ) who campaign on issues around HS2, for lower train fares and, in partnership with a number of local groups,  for the re-opening of a number disused railway lines.

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