Monday, 13 August 2012

Favourite Walks - Heanor/Marlpool/Shipley Park etc

Not so long ago (13 July) I posted details of one of my favourite walks in the area of Heanor/Marlpool etc.

That particular walk is based loosely on Amber Valley Routeway Number 6, and you should be able to request details of that walk via the Visit Amber Valley website.

Should anyone be needing any more information, parts of the walk also incorporate Public Bridleway 24 (Long Lane, Shipley). Long Lane is unusual in that it is at various points a footpath (Public Footpath 19), a Bridleway and a private road. However, for our purposes I gather the relevant area is the Bridleway, which leads from Hassocks Lane (A6007) through Bentley`s Plantation and ultimately through the grounds of MFN nightclub to Shipley Lock, as previously explained.

I belive Derbyshire County Council are the relevant contact point for more information on that part of the walk. Here are a couple of links ;

Happy walking !

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