Friday, 31 August 2012

News From Hoonaloon 31 August 2012

Another month is coming to an end, we`re all a little older but not much wiser.

At present we have an arrangement with ABE that all the books we have in stock that were reduced in price as part of our sale in July are still being offered at that reduced price, but that new titles added after that sale ended are going online at full price.

We realise that this is a time when many people are facing challenges on the money front and that customers are increasingly cost-conscious.

For that reason, we leaving the discount in place on the items in question until the middle of Sept - the discount will probably come off around 15 Sept 2012.

Bag yourself a bargain and help us make some more spaces in our filing system - visit our online shop at ABE without delay.

And always remember our motto - Respect the Book !

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