Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mary Shelley Speaks !

Yesterday I went to a production of Frankenstein at Nottingham`s Theatre Royal.

As I was leaving, a pleasant young man handed me a flyer (below) advertising Mary Shelley`s first interview for over 190 years and inviting me to Watch the Mother of Monsters for free at You Tube.

How could I miss such an opportunity ? Like many people who work from home I`m wary of You Tube and it`s potential for distracting a person from things that really need to get done,  but I tracked down said interview and engaged my ears in the procedure known as `listening`.

What I found wasn`t really my bag of chips but on the other hand, it was an intelligent attempt to introduce a wider audience to the life and times of Mary Shelley and her peers, quite quirky in it`s way and enlivened with flashes of humour, but essentially a fairly substantial piece of work presented in an accessible way.

I`m not so sure that Mary Shelley can still be regarded as a woman unjustly overshadowed by her better-known male associates, though I agree that once that was true. Still, this is an amusing and intelligent piece that deserves a wider audience.

Give it a go ;

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