Friday, 31 August 2012

Local Produce

In keeping with the general slant of this blog, here are a few samples of home-grown literary produce, recommended in order to enable you to live a full and varied reading life !

At 5279 in our listings is Harold H Mather`s Clock and Watch Makers of Nottingham, one of few books for those of a horological persuasion to be written by a direct descendant of one of Bonnie Prince Charlie`s soldiers.
Harold H Mather worked on the railways for much of his life and was well-known locally for his conservation work and interest in local history. Something of an authority on antique clocks, he personally restored and repaired a number of those held in local museums.
Another local inhabitant with an interest in conservation is Derbyshire`s Berlie Doherty. Berlie, a two-time Carnegie Medal for Literature winner, has turned her hand  to novels, plays, poetry, screenplays and much else, writing for youngsters and adults alike.
Published by Nottingham`s Five Leaves, A Beautiful Place for a murder is set in her home town of Edale and can be found at 5292 in our listings.
Fresh from D H Lawrence Country and with coal dust in it`s veins, The Eastwood Anthology brings together both amateur and professional writers from the area, plus a small number of writers from elsewhere linked to the group via it`s Write Connection project. A copy can be found at 5291 in our listings.
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